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    Question About Safari Password Storage, Does it require Master Password?
    i just wanted to know this to help a friend of mine, Firefox has an option if the user wants to use a master password or not, if its not selected, all passwords can be used without supplying master password everytime firefox opens up.

    does safari have the same thing? will passwords be used without asking for master passwords or key to the wallet?


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    Safari does not have a master password. However, if you use 1Password to store your passwords and logins it adds a button on the tool bar. when you hit the button and enter your master password it will fill in username and passwords. It will also fill in your identity info and credit card info. It also has iOS versions that sync with desktop versions so you always have your passwords with you.

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    this 1Password is External Application right? so inorder to securly store his passwords i have to find this '1Password' and install it for him?

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