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    Restore my iTunes library(s)
    Hi guys,

    I have a music library of about 120Gb (legitimate, my wife is a long-time muso). My wife and I each have a Macbook and an iPhone, and I have had 2 Macbooks fail/die on me, plus I had difficulties accessing the external drive which holds the nearly full iTunes library. Basically what I'm letting you know here is that partly due to equipment failures and partly due to my own mismanagement I have music all over the place, some of it not currently in the largest library at all.

    I need advice to sort this out.

    What I have now is 3 sets of music:

    1. the main library with about 100Gb of music but with no playlists.

    2. my iPhone with 7Gb of the music I want to carry with me, most but not all of which is in the main library. All my playlists are on the iPhone but again, not in the main library. I have used Senuti to create a separate library on the external hard disk which has all the iPhone content and the current iPhone backup. This had to be re-created because the Macbook that hosted my library died.

    3. about 20Gb of music files which were accidentally deleted from the main library but for which I still have the song files themselves.

    My aim is to get all these into a single library again, with all my playlists (about 8 playlists).

    I have tried selecting the music files from the main library and importing them into iTunes but iTunes just crashes after about 10 minutes of no action.

    How can I clean up this mess please?


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