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Thread: Word for Mac

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    Word for Mac

    I've just upgraded from Panther 10.3.9 to Leopard 10.5.6.
    Is there an upgrade for Word?

    If not, is there an alternative as my version of Word drives me nuts!

    Thank you in advance

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    You didn't say what version of Word you are on. The latest Word is 2010. I'm running 2004 on my iMac and have no problem with it, except that it is under Rosetta. It sounds like you are on a PPC, so Rosetta isn't an issue.

    In any case, Word is not attached to the OS, and of course is made by Apple's chief competitor, at least in the PC world. One does not control the other.

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Office 2011 is the latest Mac version - 2010 is the Windows model.

    Office 2004 and 2008 will both run on Leopard, and if it is 2008 you can even get an update to make it Lion compatible in time. If you are running version X or 2001 time for an outlay.
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    An alternative for Word would be Pages. When I came from PC to Mac, I was nervous and wanted to hang on to all the programs I already knew. I soon found that with Pages I could make far more elegant documents and not have to wait 5 minutes for Word to startup. Pages features are not hard to learn, they're all pretty straightforward. Good luck.
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