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    Gmail on Mac Mail question
    I just started using Mail v5.1. I have been using gmail for years. I have gotten into the habit of not deleting mail. I'm not sure this is a good thing anymore. I suspect Mail downloads my email messages and stores them locally. Is that correct? Do you recommend I start deleting mail messages so my local disk does not get cluttered?

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    To delete or not to delete is up to you. Some folks like to keep everything on their hard drive, others do not.

    I delete my mail locally because GMail keeps a copy for me on their server. I have saved email on their server that goes back 5 years. As long as you don't exceed the free amount of space they allot and have not selected the option to remove mail from the server, this works best. (for me anyway)

    I guess if Google goes out of business sometime, (very unlikely) I would lose my saved mail.

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