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    MS Word 2011 and page numbers
    I am using Word 2011 to create a manual, and in it I have inserted a number of section breaks. I have the document set to paginate and leave the page number off of the first page. With each section break, it leaves the page number off the first page after the break. Is there an effective solution for this? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    The problem appears to be caused by what page has the cursor on it when you do this. I just tried it and had some "interesting" results if the cursor wasn't on the first page. For instance, I created a document with three sections, each a page long. If the cursor is in the second section, my numbering looks like so - first section (numbered 1), second section (nothing), third section (numbered 1). If I have the cursor on the third page (third section), the numbering is as follows - first section (numbered 1), second section (numbered 2), third section (nothing). If I have the cursor on the first page of the document (first section), I get the proper numbering - first section (nothing), second section (numbered 1), third section (numbered 2). It would seem then that the cursor has to be on the first page.
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    that is also an interesting result. Strangely, after going back into my document, one of the missing page numbers decided to 'reappear'...

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