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    Small Retail Business Accounting Software Advice
    I already used the search feature and found some suggestions, but I noticed there weren't many recent discussions about accounting software and I was wondering if there were any new suggestions/alternatives. So far I am looking at the following; MYOB and MoneyWorks.

    Here's a breakdown of my business; Smaller retail storefront that also does online sales and will have a website in the near future that will also feature a shopping cart feature for purchasing. Highest anticipated monthly sales will be $50,000. Looking for software to track sales with both my cost and retail cost, ability to create invoices and quotes with business logo on them, being able to create sales reports to compare month-to-month stats.

    It would also be a bonus if the software did credit card sales through a merchant account so I don't have to go through a 3rd party. Also a POS add on would be nice at some point, but for now I just create invoices on the go since I don't barcode my inventory.

    Thanks for any help/advice you can give me.

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    Sounds like you want to look at QuickBooks. I don't know if the Apple version will do what you want, but I believe the windows version will.
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    My first thought was QuickBooks...that's what I would have went with if I stuck with a PC...but after reading some reviews from Mac users it seems like they shy away from Quicken stuff.

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    Do any smaller retail business owners have any input on the MYOB software? I'm really liking the looks of it.

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