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    "Not Supported By This Architecture"

    I've recently installed 10.5 on my G4. Things are working ok; but, I get the above message when I try and install a DVD burning software.

    Why is this and, is there any software I CAN use? I've tried Toast and Xilisoft, but to no avail! Burn seems to work...but isn't there anything better?!

    Many thanks,

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    Your G4 is based on the PowerPC architecture that Apple used for a very long time, then they switched to Intel and now have begun to remove support for the PowerPC architecture from the newer SW releases..

    The DVD burning software you got is probably targeted for an Intel-based Mac, you can confirm that from the website or package..see if they have a Universal or PowerPC version of the app..
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    Your G4 uses a PPC processor. Modern Macs uses Intel processors. One thing to note is that apps built for one processor do not work on another (without some sort of emulation layer). You will need to make sure that any software you get is either "universal" or built for PPC/PowerPC Macs.

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    Thanks ever so much for your help!

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