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    Oct 14, 2011
    Mail and calender
    Im trying to figure out the best combination of mail and calendar program for my Mac. I hope someone with longer experience on this field could give me some input.
    Today a use Outlook 2011 for mail and calendar. The problem, as you all know, is synchronizing with Iphone. When I used entourage I synchronized with Google calendar and between Google calendar and Iphone.

    So what I need is a suitable mail program and a calendar program that can handle outlook invitations that I get in the mail program AND somehow sync with Iphone.
    The mail account is btw. not an exchange account.

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    Oct 22, 2011
    Mail and Calender
    I am in the same boat! recent move from pc to mac. i ended up going to mac outlook 2011 and have found that it is useless in syncing to meet my needs for my iphone and ipad.

    i am now considering moving to Mail on my mac, but i have not found how to transfer all of my mac outlook 2011 data, file folders etc. Mail does not accept a olm import.

    life without an exchange server is not easy if you want to have consistent data on computer, iphone etc.

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