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    Moving PC pst files to Mac Outlook
    I am brand new to the Mac world and find myself with a significant issue. I am changing jobs and need to move my Outlook pst files to my Mac Outlook account. The major issue at the moment is that my current organization requires all material burned to a DVD be encrypted by Guardian Edge. I have three DVDs full of emails that when I put them into my Mac cannot be read or opened. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Oct 03, 2011
    PC to Mac pst file transfer
    Thanks for the answer. I know have a folder on my desktop that contains my pst files. When I try to open it it puts it in an email that it wants me to send. I just installed MS Office 2011 and Outlook asks for my email account. I tried to send it to Yahoo but it is too big (64mb). I think I have unencrypted email messages but I don't know where to go from here. Sorry to be a pain. Thanks.


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    Sorry for the delay in replying. My advice at this point would be to start a new thread on this topic, as I'm not really well-versed with Outlook/PST/encrypted mail, so starting a new thread would probably get other people looking in and hopefully a solution.

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    This is twice in one day that I find myself in agreement with Chas. This topic should have its own thread.

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