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    iTunes beta about to expire, no update available..
    I'm pretty good with computers and such but my friend showed me a link on how to update my iPhone 4 to iOS5. He did it and loved it, so I wanted to do it and I might have gotten myself a little too deep. I feel like I shouldn't have done it since I had no idea things were going to expire.

    I was talking to my friend on iMessage today and he mentioned that his iTunes beta expired and he had to reinstall iTunes. I came home and opened iTunes and it said it was expiring in ~78 hours. I have time, but I tried checking for an update and it said I had the current version. I want to uninstall iTunes and install the version that came out today but I am afraid of losing about 100 gigs of music thats on my computer.

    Any tips? I am using OSX Lion.

    Also as a side question, as someone may know:
    If my iOS5 GM expires tomorrow while I'm away from my computer/wifi (I work on the road) - will my iPhone 4 be unusable?

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    Backup your music collection to an external drive before you remove the iTunes beta just to sure. I've already downloaded and updated iTunes to 10.5. The gold version is available today through software update.

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    Go to Apple and get the official 10.5 iTunes release. You should just be able to install it without it removing any of your songs or settings. I was able to. Doing this will remove the expiration from your iTunes 10.5 Beta and it will be an official release instead of Beta. As far as your iPhone with iOS 5, I don't think it will stop working. Just make sure to plug it in and back it up and then tomorrow when iOS 5 is released, just restore it and iTunes will put the official iOS 5 on your phone. After it's restored, put your backup back on your phone. Hope this theory works, because it's what I'm going to do. Haha.

    - ImageX

    PS - You don't need to remove iTunes before installing the official release. It will just overwrite itself.
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