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Thread: Safari screen stuck on "Daily Deals" box

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    Oct 09, 2011
    Safari screen stuck on "Daily Deals" box
    A box popped up on my MacPro Safari screen informing me of a "daily deal" and that I had 2 minutes to claim a new IPAD2. Only option was to click "OK". I did not click OK and tried to quit Safari but could not. In the address box was "". The rainbow wheel that indicates the computer is processing was spinning arround. I turned off the computer. When I turned it back on, the box was still there when I brought up Safari and I could not bring anything else up. I tried "force quit", didn't work. I went to Utilities/Terminal and typed Top but could not find Daily Deal in the names of the processes. What to do?

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    Oct 09, 2011
    I gave up and pushed "ok". It just brought me to a screen that asked me to register and I got out without complications. Still would like to know how to get a popup box off the screen (without hitting the "ok"button in the box) when the processing wheel won't stop spinning. The popup box had the Safari logo on it. Surely it wasn't an Apple ad?

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