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    Oct 08, 2011
    Question converter and/or screen recorder needed
    Hi, I am busy with making new videos for my youtube channel, mostly animated and machinima-type. I have played the game "Black Shades" for a while and now have realized that it will make a perfect engine for a new machinima series. However, I HAVE been using my quicktime screen recorder, but my Final Cut Pro didn't recognize it's output file, so I converted it to m4v. using handbrake, but Final Cut Pro didn't recognize it either! So I need either a new recorder that is NOT a trial and does NOT leave a watermark, or else I need a new converter for my quicktime screen recorder.
    NOTE: I have tried many converters already, but they (if work at ALL) screw up the audio so that it doesn't match up with the video. Please tell me of anything you know of!
    NOTE #2: Black Shades goes full-screen, FYI (Some screen recorders don't work very well with full-screen, if at all)

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    Oct 08, 2011
    Ok, update, Turns out my I've figured out that it's just plain my recorder that's screwed up. I've found some good converters but the converted file still won't work with Final Cut. SO, only reply if you know of a good screen recorder. I've tried screenflow, snapper, jing, they all either leave a watermark or export the video to something that only works on HTML or something like that (jing). So please let me know, thanks.

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