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    Question Why OS X can't run on common PC?
    I was wondering, why Apple didn't make a PC version of OS X yet, I'm pretty sure it would be a great success on sales.
    Must have a reason for they don't do that, anyone here knows?

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    They make more money selling hardware then they do on the software.

    Plus, since they control all of the hardware, they are able to keep the OS and the hardware very tightly integrated.
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    Even with Steve Jobs now gone from Apple, I doubt they will ever make OSX Legally run on PC Hardware. OSX works the way it does because it's made for a very narrow range of hardware made by the same company who does the OS.

    I would not expect OSX for the PC in this decade anyway. Tim Cook will do what Jobs told him to do. After that, know one knows for sure.

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    Well, they would make more money selling more OS and I guess it would have a decrease on iMac/Macbooks but since they are so well-made that's a remotely chance.

    I didn't understand, because they use Intel's processor and motherboard, AMD's graphic card, wouldn't be a problem, but yeah, perhaps they just wanna keep the OS under their wings.

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    What would be the point? Intel Macs run Windows just fine, why would Apple need to publish a version of OS X for PCs?

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    This is what is behind some of the virus problems affecting Windows machines. The operating system is made to the lowest common denominator with so many cheap brands of PC's in the market place. Whereas Mac operating systems are made to run on exclusively Mac computers. This gives Apple the advantage as dtravis7 explained.
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    They did way in the past it did not work out .

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