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Thread: Problems my mac

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    Problems my mac
    I have a problem with my mac, the thing is that I was searching for a data analysis program for my mac, I found one and I installed it. Before the installation of the program was about to begin, the program itself asked me for permission to install a package called rosetta, so I installed it and the data analysis program was finally installed. Then when I went to write a e-mail, I found that every time that pressed the "space" button, the scroll of the page it was activated towards down, in addition every time when I pushed the "delete" button it caused to return the previous page. The problem it is still happening so any kind of help would be good, cause I can't find the cause of this.

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    You've posted in the forum feedback section, but your question is probably best answered in the OSX or apps forum. I've reported your post so a moderator can move your post into the best section to get your question answered.
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    Moved thread to more appropriate location. Question is not related to "Community Suggestions & Feedback".

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