Of course there are always going to be features that Apple drops in OS upgrades, like Notes within Mail for 10.7.

As per request of a co-worker that used the To-Do features in previous version of mail, by highlighting text, right clicking and adding that text to a to-do for work email and task.

I personally don't schedule to-do in this manor, and am trying to get her schooled on Omni-focus, for us to share a work database in Omni-focus to schedule tasks, but she really wasn't to use this feature for one particular client.

After doing a little research for her (Being her boss, I'm trying to accommodate her ) and found an 3rd party app that might do the trick called
"MailHub", this might work for her, but it may not from what she told me.

Within the wonderful Mac-Forums community, I need some suggestions on 3rd party apps/plugins or work around to accomplish this archaic task that she loves...

Thanks in advance for any support!!