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Thread: Excel:Mac 2011 Keyboard Shortcuts

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    Excel:Mac 2011 Keyboard Shortcuts
    Hi Guys

    I'm dealing with lots of data information on massive spreadsheets and constantly using the search facility. On the mac version of excel for some reason - I can't use the Find dialogue box - using Ctrl & F - and edit the information at the same time - I have to keep closing the dialogue window first - which is really frustrating! There is a perfectly good "search in sheet" field in the top right hand corner - kind of like the spotlight box - which does let me search and edit data at the same time - however i have to keep moving the mouse over to the top corner which is nearly as time consuming as opening and closing the find dialogue. Does anyone know of a keyboard shortcut to jump to this search box? This is driving me demented - almost enough to go back to PCs!

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    command & F? oh never mind I miss understood your post.

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