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    I am not able to install office 2001 on the desk top, and have to have it installed to load office upgrade office 2004 . 2004 looks for previous copy.

    IMac 2.93 GHz system 10.6.8

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    It sounds like you've answered your own question. If you have the office upgrade-you need to be a licensed user of one of the previous products - see the list here Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Installation Read Me If not - you have to purchase the full version.

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    Office 2001 for Mac was the last version of Microsoft Office for "classic" Mac OS (i.e. OS 9). OS X was a complete overhaul of the Mac OS, built on a new platform altogether. So, software made for "classic" is inherently incompatible with OS X.

    If you have a copy of 2004 that requires 2001 be installed (which I find surprising since the two run on different platforms), I'd say you're somewhat out of luck.

    Regardless, 2004 was written for PowerPC Macs, so it's going to be slow and you may run into some compatibility issues since it's so old. You'd be much better advised to bite the bullet and just upgrade to 2011 - or if you're trying to minimize expense, look for 2008.
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    Or, instead of spending the money for Office 2008, 2011, just download a free copy of LibreOffice instead.

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