I have scanned numerous old pages with a scanner. Many were in such poor condition that I had to do them upside down for fear of tearing the pages. They are all saved as JPEG's.

The difference between Word & Pages is very interesting

Drag the jpeg into a blank word file and it automatically centres itself vertical and horizontal on the page BUT those upside down scanned images will not stay right way up despite using the tools to rotate the image itself and then dragging and dropping. Also I have saved the image the right way up to my desktop and then dragged and dropped it into the word file and still it goes wrong way up. I have done this as a JPEG and then as a PDF - and it refuses to go right way up.

After the upside image is in the word file there does not appear to be anyway to rotate it??? Does anyone know how???

The image automatically centres and sizes on the file page.


the righted image dragged from the desktop stays the right way up. BUT pages does not automatically centre the image or size it the way MS Word does. Is there anyway to get pages to do this automatically?????

additionally, pages using shift plus command you can rotate the image in the pages document something i cannot do with Word.