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    Help with Adobe Reader opening in browsers

    I am trying to sign some forms for my new employer, and they require Adobe Reader to be opened within the browser. They provided me with a nice little link to AdbeRdr1011_en_US.dmg, which I downloaded. I installed the package, restarted my computer just to be safe, and tried to go to the website again. I've tried on Safari, Firefox, AND Chrome to no still says I need to download Reader! I'm not sure how to proceed, as I do not have a PC around and I really need to get these forms signed ASAP.

    I am running Adobe Reader 10.1.1 on OS 10.6.8 with the latest Chrome, Firefox, and Safari updates.

    Thanks for any help!

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    You need the Adobe Plug in for Safari or the other browsers you mentioned. Here's the download link for Safari. Install it and try again.

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    Thanks, but those are for Windows only...I don't see any Mac extensions?

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    You can get to the Mac extensions page from within Safari by going to the Safari menu and choosing Safari Extensions. Unless I missed it I did not see anything that appeared relevant and it looks like that page does not have a search function.

    I was having the same problem so I did a quick google. I didn't find a relevant extension but I did find PDF Browser Plugin for Mac.After limited testing it appears to work fine on my Lion system. The first tim you use it a nag screen appears but it is free when used non commercially.
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    The Adobe Reader plugin only works with Safari and you have to enable it in the Reader preferences. I don't have it installed but look for something in the preferences that has to do with "internet."
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