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Thread: how to increase email attachment size limit?

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    how to increase email attachment size limit?
    Hello all

    I have just started working on MAC machines in my recent job and im learning alot of things and day to day i encounter thousand of problem that i never heard of so today i got this problem, my company has a client which has huge MAC infrastrucure server client router NAS etc etc and today one of thier client had problem with company mail: she tried to send an email with attachment of 10.2 mb where she is only allowed 10mb of space hence she could not able to send it eventually i told her to split the data and then send-it works fine but i want to know how to increase thier limit size so that they never see this problem agaian. i know i know why my managers or other staff didnt help me to do such a easy job but the problem is thier main network administrator had a left abruptly and owner does not seems to know much of it so all the work comeup on my shoulders...please help.

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    Attachment limitations are usually set at the server level, and would need to be changed there. What email system is in use?

    10mb is a pretty good level to be at, and IMO anything larger needs to be sent via alternative methods.
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