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    Bugs in Microsoft word '11
    Im having a problem when in notebook view for Word '11. While typing notes as an outline, text doesn't display as I type it, and will spontaneously show up after I click onto another line or press return. This is especially pain full while in class, because I cannot follow my notes, and certain lines of text are demoted as part of the outline. I don't see this until I manually click into the line to see my sentence split within two separate "subjects" within the outline.
    Im wondering if I need to re-install Office onto my Macbookpro 13", or if there is something else to be done.

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    Thread moved to a more appropriate forum.

    This is definitely an odd symptom - not one I've encountered or heard of. I've only used Word in notebook mode once and more as a curiosity but didn't have that issue. You might want to check over at the Word for Mac forums for this one. Office for Mac Support | Office For Mac

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