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Thread: Going through 'issues' with mac app store.

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    Going through 'issues' with mac app store.
    im trying to download a large app (GTA san andreas) and i keep having many problems. for example more then once ive gotten to around 4.0gb out of the 4.16gb and all that comes up is an "an error occurred" and the download restarts from the beginning. and the download speed varies a lot, i dont know how to see the actual speed but it takes anywhere from 5 hours at start to about 20 hours at the start. so my question is, is there a way to stop the error from happening, and is there a way to speed up the download speed? im running os x lion on a new mac book pro and ive download big files before with no problems.

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    Only thing I can advise is to stop the download and try again later.

    Apple, for whatever reason, does not keep their file upload speeds consistent from the iTunes store - I have the issue with movies and TV show season series with them from time to time.

    Anymore, whenever I see an unreasonably long download time for any of their 2GB and larger files, I just stop the download and try again every 15 minutes or so until I can get a more reasonable estimated time.
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    I purchased all 3 of the GTA games from the store and they all came down at decent speeds. I would try what Bob suggested. Maybe their servers are being hammered at the time you are downloading.

    If you keep having this issue, let us know. I will try San Andreas here on my other Mac and see if the download completes.

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