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    Drop Box
    Heard a lot about the advantages of 'drop box' and the ability to share info from one computer to another, wirelessly.

    Is this correct and if so, can anyone advise how to set it up?

    i have tried, but alas it has beaten me. I have gone through the computer preferences and through permissions etc but it doesn't seem to give me access
    to my MBP to my MB.

    Thanks in advance


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    It's correct, yes. I use it all the time.
    There's a tutorial on the website and instructions included when you download. You need to download and install it on all computers that you want to use it on, but once set up, it's a doddle to use.

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    Kevriano - Many thanks.

    i have also noticed that this query may be i the wrong forum, apologies in advance if it is.


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