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    Using Cronnix to schedule multiple wake-up times

    As far as I can tell, the scheduler in System Preferences only allows a single rule for a wake-up time for the computer. I want to have my computer wake up at one time on weekdays and other times on the weekend. Since Mac doesn't give this option, I searched around and found a way to do it in Cronnix. I have set up three cron jobs using pmset, but they aren't working. I don't know much about coding on my own, so I found these rules on tutorials online. As far as I can tell I did everything right, but my computer doesn't wake up in the morning as instructed. I am attaching a screenshot of my Cronnix setup. I also tried using the "Run Now" feature to make the appropriate wake time take immediate effect, but I'm not sure it ran properly. I am also attaching a screenshot of that. It says that output will appear below when the job is done executing, but nothing ever appears to confirm that it is done.

    Does anyone have any ideas of why this isn't working for me? Thanks in advance for any help.

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