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Thread: Lion PDF Printer Problem

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    Lion PDF Printer Problem
    I have encountered a real problem with the Print function within Lion. I printed an important document, saved as a PDF file. Today I needed a page from that file, and I find to my surprise that the entire file printed as contact page (all pages are shown as ONE single page) and I cannot print out each single page. Is there a work-around to undo this? I do not have the original file as I thought I had it backed up.

    I have never encountered this before. All previous PDF printing with the Lion Print function have given me a file with each page as a separate PDF page.

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    Moved to appropriate forum. "iOS and Apps" is for mobile devices.

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    PDF Printing Problems in Lion
    I converted to Lion a few weeks ago and all seemed well. However, today I cannot print to a PDF file at all.

    This applies to Word 14.1.3(110805), Excel 14.1.3(110805) and Open Office 3.2.1 (OOO320m18 Build:9502).

    I have tried several different files and all seem to have the same problem.

    Does anyone have an answer?

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