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    Video Conferencing on MacOS
    Hi, I'm trying to get a piece of Software on Mac OS to allow me connect to a video bridging service such as ConferencePlus or BT. This surprisingly seems to be a big problem. anyone any ideas or experience of this? Windows plenty of options such as Polycom M100 client, but nothing for mac.

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    Thread moved to a more appropriate forum than Community Suggestions and Feedback.

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    Polycom has a client for Mac as well. It uses Adobe Air as its engine, but seems to work ok. Not familiar with other services connecting through telecom, but Apple's built in iChat and FaceTime are great if the other party also has a Mac.

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    Hi, I know the CMA client is available, but that's an internal 100 + user licence client. I was looking for it's M100 Mac style standalone to connect to a video conference bridge. Polycom don't supply downloads of CMA yet and the M100 is not available on MacOs for a few months.

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