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    managed accounts

    My name is Alex and I have a question. I have a new iMac running Snow Leopard. I have installed Windows Office for Mac 2011. I made an admin account and a managed account for my kids. The problem is that when they go to use any of the apps in office, they get a welcome screen saying your copy is activated. I click 'continue', get to the next screen which also has a 'continue' button but is not highlighted. I can't get past this. If I close the window, I am right back where I started. I have gone through the permissions allowed for the managed account and can't seem to find anything to allow them to use.

    Any suggestions?


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    I've moved your post to a more proper forum; please be sure to check the forum descriptions to find the best place to post.

    By posting in the right forum you help people not only find your question faster, but it helps others looking for the same information in the future.

    Thanks for understanding!
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    Hi all,

    I suddenly realized that on the window I was describing I needed to select a choice for both questions. Now all is fine. Canít see the trees for the forest.

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