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    iTunes Movie Rentals Claim Not Authorized
    I had this problem in Snow Leopard and hoped that it would disappear when I upgraded to Lion, but no such luck. Every time I attempt to watch an iTunes movie rental I am told that my computer is not authorized to play the movie. I attempt to reauthorize and it tells me that your computer is already authorized and that I have 4 out of 5 computer authorized on this account. I try again to play the movie, and just a grey window. The only way I can ever get movie rentals to play is to temporarily stop the movie download, restart the computer, and open iTunes, and then the movie finally plays. I have to do the same thing every time I rent a movie. It would be really nice to not have to restart every time I want to watch a movie. Any suggestions?
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    Don't have a for sure fix.

    Think I'd try going into your account in iTunes - deauthorize all of your computers - you can only do this once a year - and then reauthorize them individually again.

    You'll open iTunes - head for the store - click on your AppleID at the top right side and log in - chead for your Account - in the top section Apple ID Summary, you'll find a button to Deauthorize All.

    It seems a strange occurrence that rebooting would allow it to play. Have you got any iTunes plugins you've installed?
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