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Thread: China blocking sites

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    China blocking sites

    I have a niece who is in Shanghai for college. She is 19. She just wrote me and told me China blocks her Youtube, Facebook and google. She said new friends there told her of a work around, software for a PC but there's nothing for a Mac. Does anyone know a way she get get around this? Is there software for a Mac for this?

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    1. You are in the wrong section, please read the section description before randomly posting.
    2. Everyone is aware that the Great Firewall of China blocks a whole bunch of things.
    3. What is the software name for the PC? The best way to work around the firewall will be using a VPN.
    4. A quick Google search yields MANY pages..take a look and see if they can help..

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    Moved to a more appropriate forum. Not a "Community Suggestion or Feedback" item.

    I would also advise you to tell your niece that it's a good idea when in China to obey Chinese law regardless of how amiss you or she thinks it is. In other words, abide by their rules instead of trying to find a work around.

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    Or leave the country. Very dicey indeed crossing thought police there.
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    I'm not a big fan of the Chicomms, but since you asked... The best bet would be to be a respectful guest and obey the laws of the host. Going to jail over YouTube or Facebook is stupid if it is avoidable. In this case it is easily avoidable by doing nothing.
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