Ok guys, I ordered my 27inch iMac. Now I know I can simply use my external hard drive and Time machine to simply use move the content of my MacBook onto it, but I have a lot of crap on my MacBook I don't want. So here are my questions, any help would be great.

As I have all original software discs for Aperture 2 plus upgrade to 3, iWork 09 etc. Am I able to install them from disc onto my new iMac as there is no serial numbers from memory?

Also, I moved some movies from my iTunes folder onto a normal external hard drive, in order for them to work on my iMac, do I need to put them back onto my MacBook and reauthorize the account and then install them on my iMac and reauthorize it?

Although I had my MacBook 3 years nearly, I am a newbie at having a second machine and transferring software etc. I might just sell my MacBook after I move all the software over as my iPad2 will cover me for travel purposes.