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    Utility to reverse caps lock key?
    I made the Windows>Mac migration over a year ago but one thing I still have not gotten used to is the way Caps Lock operates. In Windows with Caps Lock on, holding down the shift key while typing temporarily allows you to type lower case. This is a convenient feature and I wonder why I can't find it on my iMac. Have I just missed this somewhere in System Properties?

    If there is no way to do this using the OS X is there a third party utility that will map the keyboard this way?

    I have searched the forum for both Caps Lock and keyboard and come up short.


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    Don't really notice it on my Mac since I only use them for personal computing. That would flat out drive me bonkers on my work machines as the caps lock is on well over 80% of the time there. I rely on that functionality too many times a day to count.

    Hope someone's got something for you.
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    Caps lock inverter
    There is such a utility for Mac OS 9, which of course doesn't help you directly, but at least we know that such a need was once recognized and met. I'll see if I can find the little extension and identify its source. You never know, perhaps it's been ported to Mac OS X.

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