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    Burning files for a Mac Program
    Hi there! :biohazard

    I am one of those dreaded Windows owners but my good friend only uses Mac's.

    He asked me to find him a copy of Adobe Illustrator, which I have done, but I am not sure how to go about burning it for him.

    2 Mac Os X - Adobe Creative Suite Photoshop Illustrator Indesign Golive Acrobat Cs2.sit

    That is the file name above.
    Being a windows user I am not familiar with ".sit" files and cant imagine how I can put it to CD for him.

    My guess is that I must just burn it on my windows PC as a data file, give him the CD and let him figure it out?

    The problem is, hes a bit of a dinosaur and I am not sure he will know what to do with it once on his end.

    Can anyone please advise?

    Last but not least, I had a second file I gave to him that he also did not know what to do with.
    Im fairly adept with Windows but these file extensions I havent any idea how to handle.


    At this point however, it is the first one that I am most interested in dealing with.


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