Hi. Having moved to mac last christmas and set up outlook 2011 I also decided to move from pop to imap. Being a mac and imap novice my email set up is a mess. For some reason all my email addresses go to the same inbox so I have to trawl through the junk and try and spot important stuff. Under the inbox there are titles for each address but all the emails seem to go to random places and often appear multiple times. On some of them I have tried to set up folders as I did with pop, but it hasn't worked. I think I should just start again so I have a few questions.

Firstly am I right that as I am using imap my emails will be stored elsewhere so was I to delete everything I wouldn't lose them? And I assume I would need to remove any folders in gmail/1and1?

Hopefully that would take me back to square 1.

I have 4 1and1 email addresses and multiple gmail. As the folders thing seems to be quite complicated in imap I would be better having each email address listed seperately with its own inbox. Is this possible please?