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    Angry Can't open appstore apps after migrating computers
    I just got a new computer at work and used the installation process of Lion to copy my apps and documents from m old computer to the new computer. Now when I open apps I previously purchased from the appstore, such as sparrow and textwrangler, I get the attached prompt. I enter my apple id and password, and click sign in, and nothing happens. The app doesn't open, I don't get an error, just nothing. The next time I try to open the app, I get the prompt again.

    Please advise.
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    When a similar issue occurs on the iPhone or iPad, I recommend people download a free application of some sort, doesn't matter which one. When prompted to enter credentials, the new application should begin downloading and the other apps should now be unlocked as well.

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    EvenStranger. Seemed like a good idea and I was prompted to update my billing information, when I downloaded the new app, but I still can't open my existing apps. Guess I will have to uninstall them.

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