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Thread: recent problem with iwork, specifically pages

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    recent problem with iwork, specifically pages
    I am relatively new user to any forum type site as well as Apple Products. So far everything has been wonderful.

    However, I recently tried to upload a resume to a few sites only to get a message saying that extension is incorrect (one website even called it fake.) I have the documents saved on my desktop as well as my documents folder. Either way no dice. I removed iwork using a program call AppCleaner and will try to see if a re-install will help.

    Any advice is appreciated

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    Many job-related sites want a resume in .doc (i.e. Microsoft Word) format. You can convert a document to Word format using Pages, by using the File => Export function. Be sure to click the "DOC" tab to convert to Word format.

    Be sure to open it to make sure it looks good and that no formatting was lost before you upload it. First impressions are a big deal when it comes to resumes! If you can upload it in PDF format, you'd be better off doing so. You can convert a Pages document to PDF by printing it and then choosing the "Save As PDF" option in the Print dialog.
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