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    DVD Ripping Software
    Hi All,

    Before I get a barrage of 'scoldings' stating that I can't do what I'm wanting because of copyright infringements etc, I'm going on record to say that I have bought all of these DVD's and can provide receipts if required

    Many years ago, I stupidly bought from (instead of and was delivered with a lovely complete boxset of my favourite TV show locked to Region 1. I have watched them once on a region free DVD player but no longer have that available (and I travel a lot with work so that's not ideal). I want to be able to put the TV series onto my MBP (April 2010) but I am running into problems.

    I have tried different ripping software, Handbrake, VLC, MACTheRipper on MAC (all failed) and Handbrake, VLC and VOB2MPG (currently best attempt but picture is all scrambled) and will be trying a number of others on Windows XP. As I don't want to void the warranty on my MBP, I am refusing to flash the firmware of the DVD drive on my MPB. I don't want to waste the few 5 times I have at changing region settings either just in case I need it for Region 2 DVD's.

    My questions are:
    Is there an easy way to *watch* Region 1 movies on my MBP or
    Is there a useful tool that I can use to rip Region 1 DVD to my MBP

    Thanks in advance

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