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    Talking Top Mac Games/Apps.
    I'll definitely be getting GTA San Andreas from the Mac App Store once I get my 25 iTunes card (only have 2p on my account) but since that costs only 10.49 I'll have a bit of change - 14.53 to be precise. Then I'll definitely be getting the 'Tutor for Lion' app which is 2.99 so I will have 11.54 left. I was thinking of getting N.O.V.A 2 but that would take a bit less than half of my remaining money. So which Apps that are actually useful and could be downloaded from the App Store. Please note that I don't like Angry Birds Style games, System Utilities (such as MemoryFreer) and generally apps that cost more than 5.
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    Draw Something is a really awesome app. Love vsing people with my artistic skills, so it's perfect.
    Was searching on google for something like it and came across this review site which I can't remember the name of, but they had a review for Draw Something which was pretty awesome and I bought it then and there.
    EDIT: site was Apps Verdict

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    Machinarium is a good one if you like your grey matter to have a work out.

    Cut the rope is great on iOS devices, they've recently released it for OSX, although I haven't tried it myself.

    What sort of Apps are you after? It's kind of hard to name a few out of 565,000 when the only criteria is "Not Angry Birds". ;-)
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