Ok I swear this has been annoying me so much I joined mac forum to find an answer. I was using iPhoto 11 and found two apps online to help make iPhoto work for my photography needs better. One was iPhoto buddy and the other is libray manager. While trying both of them out I created more libraries than I needed. One day I was in one of the created libraries and I believe I did a 4 finger swipe down which than showed me all the libraries I have ever created. I loved this. Only thing was there were duplicate libraries, ones I didn't want etc etc. I don't know which iPhoto app I was using at the time if any. I think I wasn't using one. Anyways I wanted to delete everything and start from fresh since it was so exciting to know simply swiping could switch me between libraries. I needed to have it all organized. With lots of trouble I ended up having to delete Iphoto and the other apps to be able to start fresh. Now I can't swipe down and see other created libraries. Does anyone know about this ability to swipe and switch libraries in iPhoto? I miss that ability.