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    Looking for presentation software
    I'm hoping to begin using my Mac for our worship at church. I currently use my husband's PC and it's driving me crazy, which is not a very long trip! I use Screen Monkey with the PC, and I'm looking for something similar to that since it does not have version for Mac.

    I've looked at Keynote, but not sure that it'll do what I need, and I don't want to purchase it unless I know it's going to be appropriate. I need something that will allow me to jump around, not just show pics, videos, etc in a particular order. It is very typical for our pastor to tell me he's doing something in one order and then do it in another, so I need to be able to jump around seamlessly. With Screen Monkey, all the things we will used are loaded in, and the actual presentation is on a 2nd screen. I then just have to click on whatever I want on the 1st screen and it will come up, nothing has to be in any particular order.

    Will Keynote let me do this? If not, is there something else out there that will?

    Thank you!

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    As far as I'm aware, there is no equivalent to Screen Monkey on the Mac. Neither Keynote nor PowerPoint can do what you've been doing with Screen Monkey. There is of course dedicated church software for the Mac (latest from Logos) but they tend to use PowerPoint for presentations. And dedicated church software whether Windows or Mac is expensive.

    Why don't you just continue to use a PC? You certainly don't have to switch to a Mac, and you could continue to use Screen Monkey. Otherwise, you could install Windows on your Mac via Boot Camp. You could probably also run Windows on your Mac in a virtual machine although I don't know how well Screen Monkey would run in a VM.

    If you really want to try presentation software on your Mac, Keynote would be less expensive at $19.99 from the App store. There are also free alternatives but each requires downloading a full office suite rather than just presentation software.

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    Thanks for input. The main reason I don't want to keep using the PC is because it's keeps freezing up in the middle of things. Two weeks in a row now we've missed things because the silly thing froze up and I had to restart it. My Mac has twice the ram on it that the PC does and has never had issues. We have to use our personal computers because the church doesn't have the money to buy a dedicated computer since we are currently meeting outside and trying desperately to get our building finished before it gets too cold.
    I might check and see if anyone in the church has a laptop we can dedicate to that purpose for a while, because I really like Screen Monkey.
    Thank you!

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