I have a simple, maybe dumb, question that I can't seem to find an answer to. And you all know how intuitive MS Office ISN'T.

Is it possible to link a text box to a text box that's already been created?

I'm trying to make a fairly simple document that has text on one side of the page and photos on the other side, and I want to link the text boxes from page to page. The only way I can see to link to a new text box is, when you click on the little dot in the lower RH corner, to draw a brand-new text box. But I'd rather, if it's possible, use the "duplicate page" option in the menu to create each page. It's quicker for making the text boxes exactly the same in size and location on each page. However, when I do that, I can't link from the text box on the previous page to the text box on the new page.

...or can I?