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    Deleting some events on an ical subscription
    Hi all,

    Using iCal or BusyCal does anyone know how to delete or hide specific events on a calendar i've subscribed to? i.e. i've subscribed to see the weekly social events of uni, want to delete/hide the events that i can not attend/not interested in.

    Any ideas would be appreciated


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    I don't know how it is with BusyCal but with iCal you can't modify a subscribed calendar. You are allowed to see a subscribed calendar because someone else decided to share it and since you didn't create it you can modify it.

    I understand what you are asking for though because I want to do the same. It would be a nice feature in the future for iCal to add at least limited control such as hiding individual events that don't relate to you or that you don't want to see. As of right now the only thing we can do is either see everything or nothing. Some public calendars are very general so all the events don't relate to me so I don't want them cluttering up my iCal.

    I would also like to see the ability to add our own notes to subscribed calendars for our own purposes.

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