Hi All, I've recently installed Outlook 2011 in my Mac. I've imported all the setting from existing Entourage to Outlook 2011. Things looked fine. But there are some folders that are not imported, so the emails inside them are moved to Deleted Items in Outlook 2011. When I tried to read the sharing properties of these missing folders in Entourage 2008, I've received error in establishing connection with Exchange server.

Is there any chance that these folders are not in Exchange but in local machine?
How to make sure that these missing folders are in local system?
I see that all the emails have encrypted names. How can I move the emails from Entourage 2008 location to new Outlook 2011 location? There are lot of emails in these missing folders and I cannot create a new folder and move each and every email from Deleted Items. I want to create a new folder but move the emails in bulk.