Hi All

I have lion and updated to Xcode 4.1.1 but every time I open the app store it says there is an update for Xcode. When I go to update it, it has to download the whole 3.2GB again. Then I have to open the "install Xcode" application myself as it does not open automatically after the download. Once I go through the install and restart the computer the app store says there is an update for Xcode again. I can't seem to get rid of it even though when I open Xcode it says I'm running 4.1 (4B110). I tried enabling the debug menu and clicking "Reset Application" to no avail. Is there some .plist file I can modify somewhere to tell the AppStore that Xcode is already up to date? Any help is much appreciated. I can be reached at alexhaj@gmail.com or via PM or else I will monitor this thread.\

Alex Haj