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    Brand new macbook pro: infected please advice!!!
    I bought this mac pro about a month ago, maybe less. I bought an antivirus software system even though everyone told me I wouldn't need one (Kaspersky, I dunno why I chose it) Anyway, Today it says it picked up a trojan somewhere (Im thinking it may have originated from my email account because it had the word yahoo on the long file name (uber long file name). It said that it eliminated the problem, but now I'm scared to death. What can I do to know that my commuter is still running top notch and won't now be prone to these invasions. Is there anything I can do to make sure the performance stays excellent. Any suggestions at all would be so great, I don't know a whole lot regarding these matters... What should I avoid? besides file download (I'm not totally hopeless). And how do I check that the comp is still factory fresh and uncompromised? I know my cry for help may seem a little vague, I'm just freaked and I want to make sure this 2000 dollar piece of machinery is as strong as ever. If anyone can take the time to make a few bullet points I would be eternally grateful. Thanks guys and girls.

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    1. It was most likely a Windows trojan if it was sent via email.

    2. A Windows trojan, virus, etc... can not work &/or infect your Mac. About the worst you can do is forward the email to someone else that is running Windows and leave it to their A/V software to detect it.

    3. If you have not launched anything that you did not know what it was and then put in your master password to install it, you are not infected.

    4. There is no concern.

    5. If you are that freaked out, I would suggest you remove Kaspersky from your Mac. Do not fall for one of those fake A/V scanning web pages and do not put in your master password for anything that you are not "sure" of what it is. There really is nothing more to it than that.

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    Note: I moved this thread from our 'Community Suggestions & Feedback' forum, since we do actually have a forum specific to discussion about 'OS X - Applications and Games'.

    As to your question - it's very unlikely Kaspersky found anything that could actually effect your Mac, since there are something like 3 or 4 trojans on the Mac (as compared to hundreds of thousands for Windows), all of which are VERY evident if you have one. You also must enter your admin password to install them, so it's not as though it could have just shown up out of nowhere.

    The best thing you can do to ensure your computer is running "top notch" is to uninstall Kaspersky and enjoy your computer.

    See this thread for more information:
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    If Kaspersky AV for Mac is anything like what the PC version was, I would consider the program itself an infection.


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