HI, we are currently trying to convert Quark 4.0 files that we got from another source to Quark 6.5 files. We have been experiencing a lot of problems with text reflow in the process. It seems that in Quark 6.5, the text boxes become just slightly too small for their contents causing reflowing issues through tables and in small floating text boxes, or page text boxes that were just the right size for the original text.

We thought that this might be a font issue, so we have made sure that the only fonts active while trying to open the document are the ones that came with the document. This way we were hoping to stop a different version of the same font (that might be slightly different) from being used accidentally.

We believe that we have narrowed the problem down to the MathematicalPiOne font. It seems that the x-height of the font, is just slightly larger than that of the original, causing the text to exceed it's bounding box. It holds that in areas heavy in the use of the MathematicalPiOne font, there is more reflow compared to areas where it isn't used where there doesn't tend to be any reflow. Also, when we have taken all instances of the mathematicalPiOne font out, the text has reflowed to fit within the text box.

We are working on Macs with the OSX 10.4 operating system. Using Suitcase for font management.

Any suggestions, thoughts, comments would be greatly appreciated.

Janai :p