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Thread: removing the trial has expired message

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    removing the trial has expired message
    Can someone PLEASE help me out here...

    I downloaded a couple of free trial monitor programs. Refog, and Aobo.

    Yesterday both trials expired, now every time I turn my mac on I get two boxes pop up saying

    "Aobo trial has expired"


    "refog trial has expired"

    I have removed/uninstalled the programs but it still pops up...

    Any help here...

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    How did you uninstall/remove the programs?

    For Aobo: Spy Software FAQs - How to uninstall Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger?

    I imagine there's something similar for Refog..since these are key loggers, they install things in the background to do their job you need to uninstall them properly..

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    For refog, check out page 15 of this guide on their website.
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