I'd really like to make use of Mail 5.0 in Lion for my gmail account.
Problem is that I can figure out how to make email synchronization work same as iPhone Mail App.

For example on iPhone if I check my mail I can Archive, Delete, Read and do nothing with email and when I log into my gmail account it is in the same state and vice versa.

The Mail 5.0 app however is complete out of sync with my gmail and iPhone Mail. It always shows every message as Unread until I read it on my Mac.
Also if I leave the app running ever email brought into Mail is archived right away in gmail server.... so I never even see the new emails on iPhone or gmail unless I look at all mail... but they are still marked as read.

This is SUPER annoying... there must be a way to set it up to stay synchronized with the email server so I only need to read, archive delete.. or whatever one 1 platform (Phone, Browser OR Mail App on mac).

Any ideas?
I tried playing around with the "Remove Copy from Server" setting but that doesn't seem to do anything at all for me.