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    Double spacing WORD document in Email
    I have a WORD document on my laptop that is perfectly "normal." When I want to send it in an Email, I do a "Select All," "Copy" and then Command-V to insert it into a blank email.

    However, it shows up in the Email with double spacing between paragraphs, even though there's only ONE space between paragraphs on the document itself.

    Is there a setting somewhere I need to change? Thank you in advance.
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    As the lolcats might say, "yr doin it rong."

    Just drag the Word document directly into the email window (ie, the Word document becomes an attachment). What you're doing now is "copying styled text," which is not the same thing at all and, as you've discovered, introduces formatting issues.

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    But hang on... Maybe billwill doesn't want to send it as an attached Word document. Maybe he merely wants to copy and paste the text - or a chunk of it - into the body of an email.

    Others may know of simpler/craftier methods, but the way I get round this issue is as follows:

    1) Open the Word document using Textedit. If you want to ensure that your original document remains unmolested, make a copy of the doc first and open that with Textedit.

    2) With the doc open in Textedit, go to "Format" on the menu bar and choose "Make plain text" - this will remove all of the formatting stuff that Word uses. It'll look pretty ugly, and you may lose paragraph breaks etc and have to put them back manually.

    3) Copy+paste that body of text into your email. Once it's in there, you can fiddle with it to improve its appearance: change it to a nicer looking font or whatever.

    Job done.

    Obviously, the above method only works if you're happy to ditch the formatting of the original document. If the doc contains fancy layouts and graphics that you want to retain, it won't work.

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