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Thread: LAN Party: Unreal Tournament GOTY Edition

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    LAN Party: Unreal Tournament GOTY Edition
    I'll be going to a LAN party this Friday. The game of choice: Unreal Tournament Game of the Year edition. Is there a Mac version of this game? I've looked all over online, but all the info I've found about UT on Macs is either UT 2003 or UT 2004.


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    Unreal Tournament on the Mac
    So is there a way to install Unreal Tournament on the Mac? I saw this page:

    Can I download a Mac binary and use my CD for the Windows version?


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    Any luck?

    I've tried a variety of things - plun-ins, addons, patches, crossover and darwine - and nothing has allowed me to play my other Unreal games smoothly.

    The only one I have is UT2K4 by Macsoft.

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    I've had it running using a now defunct port, but it was incredibly unstable and crashed more often than actually let me play.

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