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    ITunes Library over Media Center PC
    I am currently having a problem trying to sync my iTunes library on my new 27" IMac 11,3. Here is my setup and what i would ultimately like to accomplish:

    I have a Windows 7 media center attached to my D link wireless N Dual band router. It houses 4TB's of HDD space that has folders named: Media, Music, Books, etc. Itunes (current version as of today with a fresh install and nothing loaded to the library) is up and running on the PC. Before the fresh install of ITunes the library was located on C:Users/username/music/iTunes. The library had all my books, music, and movies. I deleted it to start fresh because i could not figure out how to sync it with my new IMac.

    Back to the setup: Media Center houses all the Media as described above. I have a 27" IMac down the hall with ITunes ready. It is hooked up wireless to the dual band router 5g speed. I have another PC in the same room as the IMac running wireless N to the router. It also is running iTunes. My IPad, and two iPhone 4's connect to the media center for updates and to upload/download all the media from the iTunes on the media center PC.

    What I would like to accomplish: I would like to keep all my media on the media center PC. I would like both the 27" IMac and the desktop/workstation to access the iTunes library on the media center PC without transferring all the media to the two PC's. Then I would like to attach my iPhone and iPad to the IMac to sync rather than going into the closet where the Media Center is and syncing from there.

    I have tried to go into the IMac into ITunes and CHOOSE LIBRARY from the start up of ITunes. I can search for the ITunes Library but I then get an error "The ITunes application could not be opened. An unknown error occurred (13008)." I have tried sharing the folders on the media center PC and all the files containing the iTunes folder with no luck. On the other windows 7 workstation it found the library and the movies and music show up but when you play a file it says that the file could not be located and asks me to locate/browse for it.

    I have also set up home share but it seems to not categorize very well and I like the idea of having a central library with other PCS connected to sync.

    I am stuck, however I have searched for two days and have not had much luck. Please let me know your thoughts as I am new to Mac and would love to stay on the OS but these little details are beginning to get annoying and Win 7 for mac is looking a bit more promising. On that note I am enjoying learning the OS but again I need to find functionality here. Thanks ahead of time for viewing this and conjuring up


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    bump for any thoughts

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